Best. ☁️ 

​It’s been a long time. We’ve grown a lot but never forgot how to be kids… 


Growing Up..

It was a midsummer drizzly morning And I was under the tree, gazing.
Thinking of times that had passed by, fading.
Up till my neck in the nostalgic soup, drowning.
As days squirmed by life seemed to be raging.
The sands of time went on disappearing.
And my soul with seeds of anxiety, engraving. Mind restless with thoughts of the future, pacing.
Euphoric memories the youthful past inarticulating.
Feelings rising and emotions brimming and this sensation is, oh so freeing.
But alas the dawn of realization , rambling.
With maturity and responsibilty in every corner, lurking. So I acknowledge the fact that life is indeed supplanting.
And I wish to move ahead with alacrity.
With the veil of oblivion falling off the plane blue skies.

Forever? 🐋 

All the time spend under the sun 
will never be forgotten 

They said. 

The joys and sorrows they shared 

Will always be remembered 

They said. 

They will always stand strong along with each other till the end 

They said.

Friends forever they said as they turn into just a somebody that you used to know.