Forever? 🐋 

All the time spend under the sun 
will never be forgotten 

They said. 

The joys and sorrows they shared 

Will always be remembered 

They said. 

They will always stand strong along with each other till the end 

They said.

Friends forever they said as they turn into just a somebody that you used to know.

So much pressure
Too hard to measure
The faint glow of the stars
Guide me through my way
To my destination far away
Time is of the essence
While I make everyone on my journey an acquaintance….




The fresh breath of life – The fresh breath of life
Revitalising like a bloom in heaven
Rid of all the strife
Spring shouts green out driven!

I want to enjoy
The summer’s sweltering heat..
And its indefatigable breeze..
The tan fades..
But the memories are cherished forever!

The scorch ends
Giving rise to the natures colourful bends
Autumns hypnotic beauty
Takes is into a trance away from the city

Ending of the year, winter’s here!
Cold,cozy nights and warm blankets,
With an euphoric smile!
The determination to make a resolution..
And an irrepressible eager to welcome the new year!